Harsens Island Historical Society

Welcome to Harsens Island St. Clair Flats Historical Society

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board



Bob Williams

1st Vice President

Sue Wrobel

2nd Vice President

Corinne Trexler


Joyce Hassen


Nancy Bonacquisti

Board Member

Terry Wiggins

Board Member

Christine Knight

Board Member

Donna Krispin

2018 Election


The 2018 Election was completed in August 2018.


To serve on the Board of Directors a person must be a current dues paying member of the HISCFHS , in good standing, for at least one year prior to being nominated or elected.

Nomination Process

To nominate members to fill these positions, please fill out nomination form and return by

  • U.S. mail to Harsens Island Historical Society,  PO Box 44, Harsens Island, MI 48028
  • Delivering in person to any Board Meeting or Membership Meeting
  • Depositing in the letter slot in front of the museum

Election Results

 The following Board members have been re-elected in the 2018 election. They will serve a three year term:

  • Joyce Hassen
  • Corinne Trexler
  • Terry Wiggins